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About us

Our passion for precious stones, was born about 30 years ago in South America, where I went regularly both in Brazil and Colombia to work, turning to those places mines, I was more and more attracted to the wonderful world of gemstones that are found there.

These to stay during 7 months in Sao Paulo, I decided to deep my knowledge for gemstones and I took courses and learned in schools, on colored gemstones.

I started to make my new job, bought gems from the laboratories, and Italian shops, being keen and always addentrandomi more to this wonderful world.

My idea always been, to resell at affordable prices, and more and gain new customers, without making excessive mark-ups, my motto was live and let live.

Having the good furture to have a house in Thailand when i was young , the situation grew more and more 'propitious, because the Thailand and another paradise for gems and cutting stones.

I expanded the market further, attending for years on the gemstone market in Chantaburi, on the weekend, I met them 15 years ago and later married a Thai lady, a true expert in the field of gems.

From our union born the idea of creating jewelry in silver and in all types of gold, always at excellent prices, we create in Thailand.

We have our own jewelry workshop in Bangkok where we realize every idea, and every model that the customer requires , from the wax to the merger all setting of gems, having also available, a gemstone cutting factory, we can satisfy any request.

We do free estimates and very accurate work, and we can provide a measure precious stones that the customer requires.